The Step2 Company LLC Rolls Out New Collection of Ball-Based Play & Learning Toys

STREETSBORO, Ohio – The Step2® Company LLC, a leading toy innovator and inspirer of young imaginations, premiers a new line of toys to help support childhood development through ball-based play. This unique learning platform features ball-centric toys designed to nurture fine and gross motor skills, support social and emotional development, motivate speech and language progression, expose children to new sensory experiences and build cognitive skills. They also teach early physics concepts like motion, force, gravity and cause and effect relationships — a winning combination for little engineers and tinkerers!

“For decades we’ve dreamed up and designed educational, multi-functional toys to give children the opportunity to learn, practice and master their individual skillsets — at their own pace,” says Kierie Courtney, VP e-commerce and marketing, Step2. “And this new collection is a natural extension of that. For the families who bring our toys into their home, the true value of Step2 play continues long after playtime is over.”

The colorful toys in this new line-up feature simple machines and fun accessories like catapults, slides, cups, spinners and funnels, to teach early physics concepts. They also help develop fine and gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination when kids pick up and place the balls (with their hands or tongs), or throw, roll and pass to their friends. And speaking of friends, these toys help build important social skills like taking turns and sharing. The toys that incorporate water play spur additional sensory exploration as kids experience new textures, temperatures, sights and sounds. Actions like splashing often engages multiple senses at once! And toys with Ball Buddies™ characters encourage creative storytelling and role playing, expanding young imaginations.

The new toys in this line-up include:

Step2 Ball Buddies Adventure Center™: Kids will have a ball playing with this two-tier water table! They’ll spend hours splashing and acting out seaside stories with friends and their adorable Ball Buddies™ characters.

Rise & Fall Water & Ball Table™: This activity table is full of surprises. Kids can drop the play balls into one tower and fill with water to watch the balls magically rise up and spill out to the maze below.

STEM Discovery Ball Table™: Little engineers can catapult the balls to the top of the tower or use the levers to operate the pulley system. Then, let gravity take care of the rest as the balls make their way back down the slide. View video of this toy in action here.

Ball Buddies Truckin’ & Rollin’ Play Table™: Send the Ball Buddies on their next adventure! This activity table is full of roadway challenges like curves, tunnels and hills. Use the tongs to pick up balls and release the gate levers to let cars or balls move through the track. View a video of this toy in action here.

Busy Ball Play Table™: Grab a friend and catapult balls into the top of the basin and watch with wonder as they come down the chute. Look out below!

Ball Buddies Double Drop HQ™: Stand up and shout! This brightly colored tower is twice the fun, giving little ones a choice between two exciting adventures. Watch play balls fall down the zig-zag ramp or through the transparent tube. View a video of this toy in action here.

Ball Buddies Tunnel Tower™: Floor-time fun just got better! Use the lever to load cargo in the Ball Buddies dump truck and move up and down ramps and through tunnels. Or, load play balls into the catapult and launch them into the funnel. View a video of this toy in action here.

In addition to these new toys, Step2 supports physical development along all the stages of childhood, teaching, encouraging and inspiring young imaginations with toys that last for generations.

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