Elevate Family Playtime with New Car Wash Splash Center™ and Waterpark Arcade™

STREETSBORO, Ohio – – Ready to make a splash this summer without ever leaving your backyard? You’re in luck! The at-home waterpark is here thanks to the water fun experts at The Step2® Company LLC, a leading toy innovator and inspirer of young imaginations. The new Step2 Car Wash Splash Center™ and Waterpark Arcade™ provide hours of untethered sensory and social sibling play (rain or shine) — no park required.

“We believe no day of play should ever be the same, especially when it comes to fun with water,” says Kierie Courtney, VP e-commerce and marketing, Step2. “That’s why we’ve expanded our popular water table line to include even more wet and wild options that parents — and kids — will love.”

Let’s dive into the many developmental benefits of water play! These toys provide a fun environment for sensory exploration as kids experience new textures, temperatures, sights and sounds. Actions like splashing often engages multiple senses at once! Every movement presents an opportunity to see, hear and feel something new. Plus, these durable toys can handle all the action – and water – kids can throw at them.

Step2 Car Wash Splash Center

Put on your sunnies and head outdoors this summer with the new Step2 Car Wash Splash Center. The stationary car is perfect for little ones who want to be just like mom and dad – from washing the car with the included rag and spray bottle to filling the gas tank. Anyone ready for a role-playing road trip? Ideal for multi-kid play, the Step2 Car Wash Splash Center delivers 360-degree action and supports social development, building young imaginations as they play make believe and encouraging sharing as they take turns. Plus, kids can practice fine and gross motor skills as they scrub, spray, rinse, wipe, wash, dump, spill and splash.

Step2 Waterpark Arcade

Step right up and take your shot at the Step2 Waterpark Arcade. After mom or dad attaches the water blaster to a garden hose, kids can take turns aiming at colorful targets for a chance to win! Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are put to the ultimate test as competitors squeeze the trigger to hit the center bullseye and funnel water into the fill-and-spill bucket. They’ll watch with wonder as their actions create fun cause-and-effect reactions. Spin the purple pinwheel, knock down the yellow duck or squirrel, turn the red flappers and hit the adjustable orange paddles. There are endless ways to play with this all-in-one Waterpark Arcade.

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About The Step2 Company, LLC
Step2 inspires happy moments and meaningful experiences by helping children, their friends and families connect through fun, imaginative play. As dreamers and makers, we imagine what they’ll imagine and then bring “what could be” to life. Our toys simply set the stage and let each child explore playtime in their own special way. In doing so, we support unique learning paths and paces, celebrating and cherishing each child’s individual developmental milestones along the way. No day of play is ever the same with Step2.

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